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I’m passionate about the possibilities of play.  Through simple games, we can unleash our children’s imaginations and find new ways to bond and grow.

We have a moral imperative, now more than ever, to tap into the joy in our lives. Through play, we can give kids tools to practice courage, flexible thinking, focus, empathy, mindfulness and so much more.  

At Child’s Play in Action, you’ll find classic theater games that have a long tradition in acting studios all over the country.  By making them available for you to do in your home or class, I hope you find nuggets of inspiration. Connect with me to learn more about what I do and how you can be a part of the playful movement!

I Offer Valuable Play Advice

Every week I roll out a new “Game Day”: my take on classic theater games repurposed for your home.

Use them on playdates, among siblings, at sleepovers, as a study-break, for solo quality time with your kid, and anytime you want to avoid the screens. I always talk about the “purpose behind the play”.

I Work with Experts in the Health Profession

Play is crucial.  It helps kids thrive and become impactful, positive and purposeful adults.  (It’s good for parents too!) 

See what the latest research in neuroscience and behavioral psychology tells us about why these games matter for the future of our children. Our experts are PhDs who speak about positive discipline, mindfulness and why we should play!

I Customize Play Curriculums and Train Teachers

I work with educators and administrators to customize teacher trainings. Request an on-site visit or virtual conference with me.

Schools are using theater as a tool to boost literacy, emotional intelligence and executive functioning in the classroom.  I apply actionable ways to apply the research with my play-based methodologies presently at work in New York City classrooms.

I Bring Tools to Elementary Teachers

If you are looking for ways to elevate your student’s experience of the humanities, I want to help you.  

Whether it is adaptations of Macbeth or original musicals about Bullying…If you can dream it, I can make it happen – and give you the practical tools to see your students flourish because of theater’s contribution to their studies.

Schools I Work With


With 4 children ages 5 and under, I’m always looking for fun things we can do together that also don’t leave me with hours of cleaning. Child’s Play’s game ideas allow us to be creative and silly all together without any equipment,  fussy prep time or clean up, which is huge for me in my busy life. The games are great because you can start off doing them with your children, but then their imaginations take over and soon they are self directing the fun. They’re not only my go-to games when the cold Toronto weather forces us inside, but they’re also some of my children’s favourite ways to spend an afternoon

Adrienne Rand

Director of Strategy at Public Inc. Mom to Isla (5), Poppy (3), James and Finn (10 months)

We have loved developing our relationship with Child’s Play New York. From their creative after school classes, to the in-school production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jocelyn and her team have opened our eyes and our imaginations. There is  creativity and thought poured into every movement, action and direction. We are so lucky to have them help us develop our Co-op School theater program!

Meredith Gray

Director, The Co-Op School

Jocelyn was a pro to work with and Avenues students delighted in her min -musical programming. Jocelyn is a dream to work with because she is responsive, professional and takes immense pride in sharing her craft with young thespians! Jocelyn is a great mentor and hires great staff who get the Child’s Play NY method. As an after school director, I work with a lot of programs and Child’s Play NY is best of breed – so much so that I enrolled my daughter in the Ice Princess last summer – she loved it

Sharon Ng

Area Director, AuPairCare

Jocelyn was an exceptional addition to my classroom community . Though our class had a set of diverse needs, Jocelyn was able to seamlessly integrate every child in our into the drama experience, mentoring them along the way. With Jocelyn’s facilitation, our students became reflective and confident performers in our original play production of “Bullied: the musical”. Her gentle yet powerful presence in our classroom was well received by all, My co teacher and I have already recruited her help with our class play this school year and we will most definitely work with her in the future. I recommend her wholeheartedly to classrooms citywide.

Tara Cox

Professor, NYU

Jocelyn’s games are a wonderful way to engage my three little ones in thoughtful and imaginative play. They are a perfect indoor activity to get their minds and bodies going!  And as a classroom teacher they are the ideal brain breaks for my students! Her games are a great way to get them moving throughout the day and work theater into my curriculum. These activities have become a part of my daily routine at home and at work!

Sofia Kokkino Patton

Teacher and Mom

Child’s Play NY is a gem for New York City families!  Jocelyn is nothing short of a genius in her capacity to unleash a child’s imagination and to develop capacities for self-confidence, social skills, and creative expression.  As a parent, professional actor, and NJ licensed social worker, I highly recommend the Child’s Play NY experience for any child.  Whether it’s a superheroes birthday party, a musical theater workshop, or an introduction to Shakespeare, you will be amazed by the joy your child discovers in these early artistic endeavors.  Through storytelling, music, and dramatic play, Child’s Play NY promotes early literacy, empathy, and group cooperation skills that serve as a foundation for future learning.  This is a must for any pre-schooler or elementary school child!  

Katharine Roman

LSW, Comprehensive Mental Health Services