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Boys and girls acting and showing emotion with expression and hand gestures

Emotions Charades and Other Games to Support Feeling Kids

Emotions Charades is a super fun and incredibly potent tool to help support EQ and empathy in our kids. Use these tips from our theater classrooms to inspire your games and learn about other playful ways that help kids come to terms with their emotions. In these highly charged times we live in, kids need support in identifying and expressing their feelings…let’s do it through play!

happy children jumping and dancing

Creative Movement Games that Inspire Kids to be Brave and Kind

The thrilling ways that actors use creative movement can translate to your home or classroom for inspired indoor play. Help kids get “into character” through physical and robust playing that nurtures empathy along the way too!  If you are a theater or classroom teacher these build up your ensemble and inspire brave choices.  Build in some of these games as a way to release energy and recharge after the school day. Set these games in motion and then empower your kids to keep the playing going without you!