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playground games and kids playing with toys that make outdoor play great

15 Playground Toys That Will Make the Outdoors Awesome

Make time on the playground meaningful with these tools that boost imagination! Here are 15 of my favorite toys under $15 that I can slip into a bag when we go. They are collaborative, creative and physical and will certainly add a spark to your kids’ outdoor play! Plus, watch how the classic “Red Light Green Light” gets a dramatic play twist!

Boy molds girl playing theater game and creating sculpture

Sculpture Will Make Your Kids’ Imaginations Soar

Sculpture is the best theater game to spark imagination and literacy. Kids love molding each other (and you!) into creative tableaus. Get creative with the titles to boost literacy. Expand EQ by riffing on themes that matter to their development. Above all, have fun in a screen-free, physical and bonding way!

Jocelyn and girl laughing while playing Magic Mirror

Speak And Listen To Your Kids – No Words Required.

In 1989 my parents made a VHS recording of Into the Woods when the B’way show aired on PBS. That tape must have been made of strong stuff since I probably watched it 100 times.  I knew all the words, made up secret handshakes with my best friend to the Sondheim lyrics and dressed as …

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