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14 Reasons You Should Play Hide And Seek Right Now

Hide and Seek is a classic kid activity, but it’s not just fun and games.   Hide and Seek is amazing for our kids’ brains, hearts and bodies!   It spans cultures and times, and we all know how to play – but let’s talk about why you should play.  I’m also offering ways to …

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Girl smiling and guessing what's in a bowl with her hands while blindfolded - game

How To Be Silly And Boost Mindfulness At The Same Time!

Here’s a game I love to enhance mindfulness, brain power and at the same time get some great laughs out of your kids! The good news it requires very little “stuff” to make this game fun. Like most of the dramatic play tools I can offer you, this game can spark your child’s creativity using things you already have on hand. I call it “Test Your Touch!”

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Practice Listening With Story Clap!

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is upon us! You may be already preparing the brine, buying cranberries in bulk or finding the perfect wine pairing for poultry.  I’m looking forward to four days away from the routines of school and work. And I’m grateful for the time to think about what I’m grateful for…which is …

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