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15 Playground Toys That Will Make the Outdoors Awesome

Make time on the playground meaningful with these tools that boost imagination! Here are 15 of my favorite toys under $15 that I can slip into a bag when we go. They are collaborative, creative and physical and will certainly add a spark to your kids’ outdoor play! Plus, watch how the classic “Red Light Green Light” gets a dramatic play twist!

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How To Get Your Kids To Chill Out? Make An Obstacle Course!

Whether you are facing a long car trip, a rainy afternoon, or just need to release some wiggles – creating an obstacle course is a great way to get to get kids calm and happy. Research shows that when we change our physical state – through movement or relaxation, for example – we can change …

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Afraid Of “Improv”? Simple Is The Best Way To “Silly”

Improv gets me through the winter with kids!   All those long hours of hangin’ indoors, while fending off the inevitable requests for screen-time, can make a parent go bonkers.  You guys who just had a snow day know what I’m talking about. But sometimes it’s best to take a break from structured games and …

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How To Make Clean Up Fun

Using positivity and playfulness you can transform even the most annoying task of clean up, into a game! Watch this short video I made about the Clean-up Game!  I use this tactic in my classrooms and in my living room.  Learn about positive discipline techniques to make cleaning up more fun.    “Children are incontrovertibly …

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