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joyful parent bonding and IQ boosting

Boost Kids’ IQ and Joy with this Simple, Silly Game

This simple and silly theater game supports your child’s brain development and creates new neural pathways that build positivity and help them crave bonding! Beyond boosting IQ, this game is pure pleasure to play and can be that parent hack that you need for everything from picky eaters to tricky sleepers. Enjoy setting up your silly store!

daughter gives me so much happiness - piggybacking on mom

How to Talk to Kids with Humor and Fun (About the Big Stuff)

If you are hankering to talk to your kids about the big stuff, or help them process emotions, then you should play Taxi! This classic theater game is adaptable for all ages and provides kids with a safe and sweet space to share feelings with you. Use it to bond with your kids when you have a little down-time and know that they are also benefitting from the social-emotional learning (SEL) and Executive Function work-out that this game gives them. Watch the video to learn about the benefits and the ways to play.

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Make Listening Fun When You Play This Mindfulness Game

With this theater game, kids develop their listening skills through play – and they don’t even realize all the benefits because it is so silly! Play one-on-one or as a birthday party or playdate game. It is a saving grace on car trips or waiting rooms when you need to focus squirmy bodies! Check out the ways to boost mindfulness through relaxing variations that help with bedtime too.

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Tips On Getting Cozy With Your Kids

It is a rainy-snowy weekend for us in New York and I have just learned a new word:  Hygee It’s Danish, but I’d like to start working it into my English.  Pronounced “hoo-ga” – it is more a feeling than a word and is purportedly impossible to translate.  But let’s say it roughly means: “a feeling …

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Photo of toys and games that inspire creativity and communication

6 Toys That Inspire Creativity And Communication

Are you fielding requests for a hard-to-get-hatchimal? That’s all well and good, but it’s important to add toys under the tree or next to the menorah that can provide some lasting creative impact in your child’s life.  These six toys are springboards into dramatic play.  They also support language development and dialogue surrounding feelings.  Because …

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