Back when COVID-19 was starting to worm it’s way into our world, the American Academy of Pediatricians sent out a statement.  In it, they basically acknowledged that screen time rules have changed and we all deserve a break.

That was in March. Now our eyes are bleary, the ipads are grimy (despite the sanitizing!), and my kid’s teacher has vertigo from all the zooming.

And yet, the need for abundant – and quality – screen time persists. And we still shouldn’t feel bad.

So, here’s my contribution to the revolution.

Screen Time You Can Feel Good About!

For the first time since I started making videos about playful parenting back in 2016, something on Child’s Play in Action is not for you. It is for your kids.

But what am I saying? It is 19 glorious minutes, so it kinda IS for you. Take that shower…pour that glass of wine…scream into your pillow – you may have time for all of it. You’re welcome. No really, making a movie over Zoom is not a perfect science, but we certainly had fun along the way. I hope your kid (age 3-7 ??‍♀️) will enjoy watching and playing along!

I’m calling it a Magic Mirror Quest – and this one is all about Jack and the Beanstalk. It could be the start of something lovely. Or it could have just been a fun exercise (#quarantinecreative). Jack has to rescue the harp back from the Giant to restore music to his land. I’m off-camera doing the narration – but maybe your child will recognize one of their favorite teachers!

Interactive Screen Time

The cool thing (I think!) is that the show is interactive. That can help with the screen time doldrums.  See, there’s a little mirror that pops up in the corner when it’s time for kids to join in and help the protagonist out. Some of the games we play that kids will know from our classes are:

Sneaky Tag – Kids help the Jack sneak away from the Giant without waking him up!
Mirror – Kids help Jack feel better by mirroring emotions in the magic mirror!
Gibberish – Kids wake up Jack using silly gibberish!

Here it is!

Please let me know what your kid thinks…if you’d like to see more of this kind of content? What your kid liked best?

We had so much fun, I thought the kids should be able to make movies in the same way.

So I’m launching a new thing: Make A Movie program as part of our Online Kids Programming..

This is maybe good for you guys if…

  • your kids want some kind of immersive project on their own timeline
  • they want to collaborate with friends in a meaningful way
  • they crave adult mentor-ship but a in a child-led project

The Make a Movie program lets kids go from pre-production prep all the way to a “premiere” to produce and star in their own film. They collaborate with a slew of our teachers along the way from the writing to the design to the performance. Please reach out if you’d like your child to do this project this spring or summer.

OK – that’s it for now.

In solidarity,

Banner Photo by Patrick Fleury