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boy reading picture books outdoors under tree

11 Picture Books That Will Make Your Kid Read Like Crazy

Use wordless picture books to inspire imagination and a love of reading. These suggestions from my Child’s Play NY theater classrooms will deepen the conversation and the bonding time between you and your children. Watch the video to see adorable toddlers using picture books as a springboard for storytelling, and get tips from a school librarian about the usefulness of wordless books.

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Make Listening Fun When You Play This Mindfulness Game

With this theater game, kids develop their listening skills through play – and they don’t even realize all the benefits because it is so silly! Play one-on-one or as a birthday party or playdate game. It is a saving grace on car trips or waiting rooms when you need to focus squirmy bodies! Check out the ways to boost mindfulness through relaxing variations that help with bedtime too.

children sitting in a circle playing outside

The Kind of Scores You Can Really Love

Need a rainy day game? Turn to musical scores to elevate your child’s playtime. With instrumental music from their favorite films and shows, kids can go deep into characters they already love. Orchestrations will help boost their mood, inspire gross-motor play and provide a great backdrop for imaginative indoor time.

child girl in superhero's costume plays

How To Get Your Kids To Chill Out? Make An Obstacle Course!

Whether you are facing a long car trip, a rainy afternoon, or just need to release some wiggles – creating an obstacle course is a great way to get to get kids calm and happy. Research shows that when we change our physical state – through movement or relaxation, for example – we can change …

How To Get Your Kids To Chill Out? Make An Obstacle Course! Read More »

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Afraid Of “Improv”? Simple Is The Best Way To “Silly”

Improv gets me through the winter with kids!   All those long hours of hangin’ indoors, while fending off the inevitable requests for screen-time, can make a parent go bonkers.  You guys who just had a snow day know what I’m talking about. But sometimes it’s best to take a break from structured games and …

Afraid Of “Improv”? Simple Is The Best Way To “Silly” Read More »