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Boys and girls acting and showing emotion with expression and hand gestures

Emotions Charades and Other Games to Support Feeling Kids

Emotions Charades is a super fun and incredibly potent tool to help support EQ and empathy in our kids. Use these tips from our theater classrooms to inspire your games and learn about other playful ways that help kids come to terms with their emotions. In these highly charged times we live in, kids need support in identifying and expressing their feelings…let’s do it through play!

playground games and kids playing with toys that make outdoor play great

15 Playground Toys That Will Make the Outdoors Awesome

Make time on the playground meaningful with these tools that boost imagination! Here are 15 of my favorite toys under $15 that I can slip into a bag when we go. They are collaborative, creative and physical and will certainly add a spark to your kids’ outdoor play! Plus, watch how the classic “Red Light Green Light” gets a dramatic play twist!

Girl running in the house

14 Reasons You Should Play Hide And Seek Right Now

Hide and Seek is a classic kid activity, but it’s not just fun and games.   Hide and Seek is amazing for our kids’ brains, hearts and bodies!   It spans cultures and times, and we all know how to play – but let’s talk about why you should play.  I’m also offering ways to …

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Girl smiling and guessing what's in a bowl with her hands while blindfolded - game

How To Be Silly And Boost Mindfulness At The Same Time!

Here’s a game I love to enhance mindfulness, brain power and at the same time get some great laughs out of your kids! The good news it requires very little “stuff” to make this game fun. Like most of the dramatic play tools I can offer you, this game can spark your child’s creativity using things you already have on hand. I call it “Test Your Touch!”

Jocelyn sitting with kids as they clean up putting things away in basket

How To Make Clean Up Fun

Using positivity and playfulness you can transform even the most annoying task of clean up, into a game! Watch this short video I made about the Clean-up Game!  I use this tactic in my classrooms and in my living room.  Learn about positive discipline techniques to make cleaning up more fun.    “Children are incontrovertibly …

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Group of kids playing in the dark with flashlights

Toys (You Already Have) For Awesome Indoor Play

“Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.” – Carl Jung I will never cease to be amazed by the creativity of the parents I know.   Yesterday, I went to three playgrounds before 12:00 with Nathaniel. …

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